Research on Postnatal Interventions


Our goal is to improve the health outcomes and quality of life for preterm infants and their families, through interventions to reduce chronic stress and promote resilience and equity.


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A mother and premature infant in the NICU with a nurse

How we work

Breaking down siloes and bringing lived experiences to the table to improve the lives of the tiniest babies and their families

Parent Clinician Advisory Board

The Parent Clinician Advisory Boards (PCAB) are the world’s first, extending our innovative Community Advisory Board model to the NICU setting and engaging parents and front-line health care professionals in a discussion about what research matters most for improving outcomes and equity for preterm infants. Using our novel method of Research Priority Setting, each board has developed their “Top 10” research priorities and are poised to commission, review and collaborate on new research over the coming years. Read more about the recent Parent Clinician Advisory Board All-Site Meeting.

Family in a NICU

Newborn Family Research Collaborative

To facilitate this work, the California Preterm Birth Initiative has established a new research network, the Newborn Family Research Collaborative (NFRC), linking Neonatal Intensive Care Units-- NICUs- across San Francisco, Oakland, and Fresno. The NFRC represents a first of its kind partnership between three NICUs in our research geographies, and in the last year has established a powerful platform to support research where none existed before.

The NFRC is comprised of three essential elements:

  • a common data platform across NICUs
  • dedicated research staff, and
  • a Parent Clinician Advisory Board (PCAB) at each NICU. 

The NFRC NICUs include:

  • Benioff Children's Hospital San Francisco
  • Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland
  • Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno


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Research studies that improve lives

Mobile-Enhanced Family Integrated Care (mFICare)

How do NICU parents and their infants' health improve if parents are centered as primary caregivers alongside their baby's care team?

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Parents being involved in their child's NICU care team

COVID-19 Hospital Restriction Survey

How have hospital restrictions due to COVID-19 impacted patient and family-centered care? 

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A provider with a mask standing in front of a hospital

Understanding Impact of Skin-to-Skin Contact

What happens biologically to a preemie when they receive daily skin-to-skin contact with their parent?  

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A preemie lies on it's father's bare chest

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Other Postnatal Intervention Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects 

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News from our Postnatal Research