#Dontrush Mother's Day Preemie Awareness Video Challenge - Join us by May 4

Photo Source: screen capture from Our Little Preemie's #DontRushChallenge.

To celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10th we are asking our communities and partners to join us in co-creating a social media video honoring NICU and preemie moms as part of the viral video trend sweeping the globe called the #Don’tRushChallenge.

Originally conceived by a group of Black college students in the UK to stave off boredom during the COVID shutdown, the videos depict people’s transformations from their at-home selves to their going-out selves. People around the globe have evolved the concept into many different iterations. One particularly inspiring version was created by preemie awareness organizations @trust_your_strength and @ourlittlepreemie to show the transformation of their babies in the NICU to where they are now.

We are recreating this video to share through our PTBi and Voices for Birth Justice social media channels to further raise awareness of the importance of NICU parent mentorship and birth justice. The deadline for submissions is May 4.

Don't Rush Challenge snapshotSource: TikTok #Don’tRushChallenge 


Approx. time needed, including set up: 30-45 mins. 

What you’ll need:

  • A picture of your preemie(s) in the NICU. If your preemie wasn’t in the NICU, you can use a newborn photo that lists the week in which your preemie was born – i.e., “Born at 32 weeks.”
  • A phone or laptop you can record video on. If you have someone at home that can film for you, you may want to enlist their help.
  • Your Voices for Birth Justice t-shirt. If you don’t have a Voices t-shirt, no problem. Just wear whatever you’d like.
  • Your preemie kid(s)

See full instructions!

If you have questions, please email PTBi Communications Associate Emily Letts at [email protected].

We hope that you and your family enjoy this activity. Thank you so much for helping us honor Mother’s Day while bringing much-needed awareness of NICU parent mentorship and birth justice!