California Preterm Birth Initiative

Introducing our New Associate Director, Solaire Spellen
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Expanded Newborn Screening Could Save Premature Infants’ Lives

California Preterm Birth Initiative is committed to:

  • Racial Equity

  • Centering Community Voices

  • Reproductive Justice

  • Innovative Research


About Us


Our mission is to eliminate racial disparities in preterm birth and improve health outcomes for babies born too soon, through research, partnerships and education grounded in community wisdom.


We believe all parents deserve healthy pregnancies, and all newborns deserve healthy starts in life.

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Recent publications

Risk and Protective Factors for Preterm Birth Among Black Women in Oakland, California.
Preterm birth and nativity among Black women with gestational diabetes in California, 2013–2017: a population-based retrospective cohort study
Newborn metabolic vulnerability profile identifies preterm infants at risk for mortality and morbidity