Community Advisory Board


The Community Advisory Board was sunset in 2023. We thank them for their partnership and dedication.


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CAB members presenting at the orientation

CAB members in a group shot

CAB members in a healing circle


About the Community Advisory Board

Our Community Advisory Board (CAB) is deeply engaged in research prioritization, grant proposal review and funding decisions. Members of the board have also taken on unique roles as advisors in specific research projects. The Community Advisory Board is comprised of 24 members representing San Francisco, Oakland, and Fresno. They are mothers who have lived experience of preterm births, frontline community health and social service providers, as well as representatives of community-based organizations.

design barWhat does the CAB do?

  • Review PTBi sponsored research to ensure the research promotes the interests and wellbeing of the affected communities in San Francisco, Oakland, and Fresno.
  • Partner with the PTBi leadership team to ensure all research activities are culturally appropriate and relevant to the affected communities.
  • Review research proposals submitted to PTBi twice a year (in the spring and fall)
  • Review the PTBi-CA research portfolio on an annual basis
  • Attend a local World Prematurity Day event (November 17th) to support greater community awareness of prematurity and our ongoing research efforts
  • Participate periodically in meetings to advise research teams from UCSF and other partner groups
  • Assist with community engagement and mobilization efforts 

Julie harris speaking with Jackie Torres at a Grantee event

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