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ABC 7 Bay Area News: COVID increases risk of premature birth in pregnant women, UCSF study shows. August 11, 2021.

Forbes: Covid-19 In Pregnant Women Endangers Unborn Children. August 10, 2021.

SF Chronicle: Devastating impact of COVID on pregnancy highlighted by large UCSF study. August 10, 2021.

Witness LA: Op-Ed: Fatal Police Violence May Be Linked To Preterm Births In Nearby Neighborhoods & Communities. April 21, 2021.

Mercury News: Gestational diabetes rates during pregnancy on the rise. April 4, 2021.

Buzzfeed: A Top Medical Journal Said “No Physician Is Racist.” Now Scientists Are Boycotting. April 1, 2021 How Police Killings Might Be Affecting Preterm Birth. March 30, 2021.

Time: A San Francisco Experiment Will Give Some Pregnant Women $1,000 a Month. Could Other Cities Be Next? March 18, 2021

MSNBC: How new moms are dealing with stress and anxiety in the age of COVID. March 10, 2021

LA Times: Homeless people exposed to coronavirus were put in hotels. For hospitals, the move paid off. March 2, 2021.

TODAY: New moms discuss struggles and fears during the pandemic. March 2, 2021.

Journal of Perinatology: Racial and ethnic disparities in preterm birth outcomes: a call to action for neonatal providers. January 28, 2021.


Atlantic: A Pandemic Pregnancy Is a More Dangerous Pregnancy. December 24, 2020

New York Times: The Psychic Toll of a Pandemic Pregnancy. December 14, 2020.

S.F Chronicle: S.F. supervisors considering studying universal basic income program. December 7, 2020.

Next City: San Francisco Doula Program Tackles Birth Equity and Economic Justice in One Fell Swoop. October 14, 2020.

Asian News International (ANI): Expanded newborn screening could save premature infants' lives, finds study. October 7, 2020. 

The Mercury News: Letters: Pollution and COVID-19 | Ironhouse Sanitary District | Lafayette council. October 2, 2020.

RevolvtTV: San Francisco to give pregnant Black women $1,000 monthly stipend. September 21, 2020.

CNN: 150 lower-income pregnant Black and Pacific Islander women in San Francisco to get $1,000 monthly. September 21, 2020.

Romper: New Program Gives Pregnant Black & Pacific Islander Women $1,000 A Month. September 17, 2020.

SimpleMost: Pilot Program Is Giving $1,000 Per Month To Some Pregnant Women Of Color. September 17, 2020.

SFGate: SF announces pilot program to provide basic income to pregnant Black and Pacific Islander women. September 16, 2020.

The Hill: Pregnant Black, Pacific Islander women in San Francisco to receive $1,000 monthly supplement. September 16, 2020.

SheKnows: This City is Handing Black Pregnant Mothers $1K Each — But Will it Really Help? September 16, 2020.

ABC News 11: San Francisco to give $1K monthly stipend to pregnant Black, Pacific Islander women. September 15, 2020.

Sacramento Bee: Black, Pacific Islander women to get $1,000 a month during pregnancy in San Francisco. September 15, 2020.

SF Chronicle: SF to give $1,000 a month to Black, Pacific Islander expectant moms. Will it help bridge racial health gaps? September 14, 2020.

Good Morning America: San Francisco to give $1,000 monthly stipend to pregnant Black, Pacific Islander women. September 14, 2020.

KPIX 05: San Francisco To Provide $1,000/Month To Pregnant Black, Pacific Islander Women To Improve Health Outcomes. September 14, 2020.

Kron4 News: Pregnant women in San Francisco to receive $1,000 monthly as part of new pilot program. September 14, 2020.

Fresno Bee: Black mothers and babies are dying every year. What’s being done to save them in Fresno? September 4, 2020.

Moments with Mothers: HOPE COVID-19 Study offers global view of how pandemic impacts pregnancy and infancy. August 26, 2020.

KALW: Local Researchers Rush To Gather Data About COVID-19 And Pregnancy: August 20, 2020.

TIME: Amid Social Upheaval and COVID-19, Black Women Create Their Own Health Care Support Networks. July 17, 2020.

STAT News: In the NICU, both parents are essential and need to be at their child’s bedside. July 13, 2020.

Early Learning Nation: Unconditional Cash: A Bold New Pilot for Pregnant Women. June 10, 2020.

KGO Channel 7 News: UCSF intensive care nursery improvises around COVID-19 challenges. May 26, 2020.

Public Health Post: What About Men of Color? May 27, 2020.

Ms. Magazine: Want to Pass Guaranteed Income Policy in the U.S? Start With Black Women. April 16, 2020. MedWatch Today:  6 Million Dollar Preterm Birth Study in Fresno. March 25, 2020.

MDLinx: Digital CBT helps pregnant women sleep, eases anxiety, depression. January 28, 2020.

HCP Live Network: Digital CBT Effective for Insomnia in Pregnant Women. January 29, 2020.

Babygaga: Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Helps Pregnant Women Overcome Insomnia, Trial Shows. January 24, 2020.

Helio: Digital CBT program mitigates insomnia symptoms in pregnant women. January 22, 2020.

American Psychiatric Association: Digital CBT Found Effective for Reducing Insomnia During Pregnancy. January 22, 2020.

2 Minute Medicine: Efficacy of Digital Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment of Insomnia Symptoms Among Pregnant Women. January 28, 2020.

MDLinx: Efficacy of digital cognitive behavioral therapy for the treatment of insomnia symptoms among pregnant women: A randomized clinical trial. January 27, 2020.

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KPIX Channel 5: Pregnant Homeless Women Struggle On Bay Area Streets. November 25, 2019.

Fesno Bee: Fresno project offers pregnant mothers of color hope to avoid preterm births. November 20, 2019.

SF Examiner: Homeless advocates say city policy to priotize shelter for pregnant women remains ‘muddle of confusion’. October 12, 2019.

KNKX Public Radio: Study by UW professor shows women of color experience racism from health providers. September 9, 2019.

Self: 11 Health Conditions You Should Know About If You’re Black and Pregnant. July 30, 2019.

U.S. News & World Report/HealthDay News: Stress Takes Toll in Very Complicated Births. July 29, 2019.

Romper: Study: Families Experiencing "Dual Burden" Births Suffer Extreme Stress & Need Coordinated Care. July 22, 2019.

Washington Post: Trump's presidency may be making Latinos sick and increasing the risk of low birth weight. July 19, 2019.

Science Daily: One in 270 births have 'dual burden' of prematurity and severe maternal complications. July 17, 2019.

MedPage Today: Outcomes Improved With Healthier WIC Foods - Both mothers and babies showed health status improvements. July 1, 2019.

JAMA Network: Prenatal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children Participation A Step Toward Human Capital Development. July 1, 2019.

Vice: A shocking number of women are harassed, ignored, or mistreated during childbirth. June 20, 2019.

Wired: How AI and Data-Crunching Can Reduce Preterm Births. March 26, 2019.

Washington Post: ‘Every 30 seconds another alarm is going off’: Neonatal ICUs can take their toll on parents. February 23, 2019.

New York Times: Depression During and After Pregnancy Can Be Prevented, National Panel Says. Here’s How. February 12, 2019.

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Valley Public Radio: To Prevent Preterm Births, New Program Helps Black Women Be Their Own Advocates. December 11, 2018.

Precision Medicine World Conference 2019: Interview with Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski of UCSF. November 20, 2018

California Health Report: Doctors Often Fail to Listen to Black Mothers, Complicating Births, Survey Finds. September 20, 2018

KQED: Unequal from Birth. September 11, 2018

The Atlantic: A Mother’s Zip Code Could Signal Whether Her Baby Will Be Born Too Early

NPR: Scientists Search For Causes Of Preterm Birth And Better Ways To Test For Risk. July 22, 2018

KQED Forum: Disparity Between Black and White Infant Mortality Rates Remains High. July 18, 2018

UC Global Health: In health research, local efforts have global benefit. July 10, 2018, by Andy Evangelista.

The Guardian: Why are so many of San Francisco's black mothers and babies dying? June 26, 2018

CNN: Blood tests to predict preterm birth risk raise excitement -- and questions. June 7, 2018

UCSF: Risk of Preterm Birth Reliably Predicted by New Test. May 24, 2018

UC Berkeley News: Closing coal, oil power plants leads to healthier babies. May 22, 2018

CA Health Report: UCSF Researchers: Homeless Pregnant Women Need Priority Housing Support. May 14, 2018

NY Times Letter to the Editor: Readers respond to the 4.15.18 Issue. April 25, 2018

CA Health Report: Bay Area Organizations Work to Eliminate Birth Disparities. February 27, 2018

East Bay Express: Black Infants in the East Bay Are Experiencing Higher Negative Health Outcomes. January 31, 2018

KALW: Babies are being born too early. For Black women, it’s worse. January 30, 2018

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CA Health Report: Initiative Aims to Disrupt High Rates of Preterm Births. December 7, 2017

SF Chronicle: Preterm birth rate rises for the second year in a row in California. November 8, 2017

New York Times: Sleep Problems in Pregnancy Tied to Premature Births. August 2017

BBC: Sleep Disorders Linked to Premtaure Birth. August  2017, radio.

UCSF: Sleep Disorders Linked to Preterm Birth in Large California Study. August 2017

Nature: Insomnia linked to premature birth in study of 3 million mothers. August 2017

Reuters: Sleep disorders in pregnancy linked to preterm birth. August 2017, by Lisa Rapaport.

SF Chronicle: UCSF study links sleep disorders among pregnant women to premature births. August 2017, by Jill Tucker.

San Jose Mercury News: Sleep Disorders Linked to Preterm Birth in California Study. August 2017, by Tracey Pipel.

Medscape: Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy Linked to Preterm Birth. August 2017.

Newsline: Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy Tied to Preterm Births. August 2017.

Health Day: Preterm Birth Risk Spikes in Mothers With Sleep Disorders. August 2017.

Medical Daily: Insomnia And Other Sleep Disorders Linked To Premature Babies. August 2017, by Janissa Delzo.

NDTV: Insomnia May Up Risk of Preterm Delivery: Here's How Your Diet Can Help in Sleeping Better. August 2017.

Business Standard: Sleep Disorders May Up Preterm Birth Risk. August 2017.

On Reddit: Insomnia linked to premature birth in a study of 3 million mothers. August 2017.

LAist: ICYMI: Is There A Link Between Insomnia And Premature Birth?. August 2017.

Romper: This Factor Linked To Premature Birth Is Something So Many Moms Have Struggled With. August 2017, by Annamarya Scaccia.

Global News: Women with insomnia more likely to deliver premature babies: study. August 2017, by Katie Dangerfield.

NewsMax Health: Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy Tied to Preterm Births. August 2017.

What To Expect: Sleep Disorders in Pregnancy May Increase Your Chance of Preterm Birth, New Study Suggests. August 2017.

Newser: To Avoid Premature Births, Women Should Sleep Well. August 2017, by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore.

Psych Central: Sleep Disorders May Influence Preterm Birth. August 2017, by Rick Nauert.

Science Alert: Sleep Disorders During Pregnancy Are Linked to Higher Risk of Preterm Birth. August 2017, by David Nield.

Medical News Today: Could sleep disorders raise the risk of preterm birth? August 2017, by Hannah Nichols.

Healio: Sleep disorders increase risk for preterm birth. August 2017, by Alaina Tedesc.

NBC Bay Area: Risks to Pregnant Women with Sleep Disorders. August 2017.