Our Approach

Throughout our approach, we integrate health equity and racial equity lenses. By focusing on the communities most affected by preterm birth, we’re envisioning and creating a better birth experience for everyone.

Community Centered

Our research is driven by partnership. We’re accountable to a board of Community Advisors, who play a key role in determining research priorities.


We work across disciplines and sectors to conduct research that’s relevant to the women most affected by preterm birth.


We tailor research to the unique lived experiences of people within a local context, and build capacity within the communities we’re researching.

Reproductive Lifecourse

We're focused on a healthier life, to achieve a healthier pregnancy- from "preconception" through postnatal care. 

Global and Local Exchange

We believe in sharing knowledge to amplify the impact of successful innovation and implementation.

New Minds, New Ideas

We believe in developing capacity and cultivating innovation.



Community Advisory Board Group Photo

Research Done Differently Through Community Partnership 

Our Community Advisory Board continues to be the heart of the California Preterm Birth Initiative. Our Community Advisory Board is deeply engaged in research prioritization and grant proposal review and funding decisions. Members of the board have also taken on unique roles as advisors in specific research projects. The Community Advisory Board is comprised of mothers who have had preterm births, frontline community health, and social service providers, as well as representatives of community-based organizations: 15 members representing San Francisco, Oakland, and Fresno.