Intergenerational Risk for Preterm Birth by Race/Ethnicity

September 11, 2018
Women who were born prematurely themselves are more likely to deliver prematurely. However, much of the evidence establishing intergenerational risk has focused on white women. We didn’t know if increased risk for delivering prematurely was consistent across racial/ethnic groups. Risk factors are...

Mamas, Speak Truth to Housing!

September 11, 2018
Stable housing is critical to improving the health of pregnant women and lowering rates of prematurity throughout San Francisco. Mama's, Speak Truth to Housing was a townhall prioritizing pregnant women in the midst of our San Francisco housing crisis. Powerfu voices from across our community ...

Doula Program Announced in San Francisco

September 05, 2018
San Francisco President of the Board of Supervisors’ Malia Cohen announced the launch of the City’s Doula Program, creating access to culturally relevant doula services for families in San Francisco most at risk maternal mortality and premature birth.

Mapping risk and resilience for premature birth in Fresno County

August 22, 2018
With so many factors influencing a healthy pregnancy, how can we maximize healthy outcomes for a whole city, or county? The answer may be in a tailored approach. A recent study, published in the Journal of Epidemiological Research and authored by a team in the California Preterm Birth Initiative,...

Healthy Birth Outcomes through Cross-Sector Collaboration

August 21, 2018
Cross-sector collaborations offer a way forward in their ability to direct multiple actors and interventions toward the same goal. In this report, FSG highlights lessons learned from two of their birth outcomes projects in Fresno County, California, and Staten Island, New York, to offer others...

July Collaboratory: Black Women's Perspectives on Structural Racism Across the Reproductive Lifecourse

July 25, 2018
How do you measure experiences of racism? What about measuring the ways structural racism impacts our current lives? Some measures for structural racism have been developed but Black women’s voices have largely been missing from this process. Dr. Brittany D. Chamber’s research is seeking to remedy...

2017-2018 Program Update

July 24, 2018
As we step into a new programmatic year, we're reflecting on accomplishments of 2017-2018 and are so proud of what we've achieved, together. We are delighted to share our program update with you!

The Parent Clinician Advisory Board All-Site Meeting

July 23, 2018
Involving patients, families and communities in the planning and implementation of research improves the quality and applicability of research findings. Unfortunately, parents and clinicians who have first-hand experience caring for infants in neonatal intensive care units NICUs rarely have the...

New Study Links Structural Racism with Increased Risk for Preterm Birth and Infant Mortality in Black Women

June 18, 2018
Racism plays a key role in perpetuating the health inequities we see in birth outcomes among Black women in California today, including preterm birth and infant death before 1 year of age. Research has suggested that higher levels of racial segregation are associated with worse birth outcomes, but...

Risk of Preterm Birth Reliably Predicted by New Test

June 12, 2018
Identifying Women at Risk in Second Trimester Could Lead to Early Treatment, Prevention Scientists at UC San Francisco have developed a test to predict a woman’s risk of preterm birth when she is between 15 and 20 weeks pregnant, which may enable doctors to treat them early and thereby prevent...