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Parent Mentors

Peer-to-Peer Support for Parents in the NICU

What is the mFICare Parent Mentor Program?

The Parent Mentor Program is a part of the mFICare program, which aims to train and support parents of babies in the ICN to be the primary caregiver and partner in the care team. The mFICare Study has launched at Benioff Children’s Hospital, San Francisco (BCH-SF) and is currently enrolling parents of babies born at or before 33 weeks gestation.

What is a mFICare Parent Mentor?

A Parent Mentor is someone who has been through the NICU experience and feels ready to offer support to parents currently going through the NICU journey. Parent

Mentors receive training to provide peer-to-peer support for parents who currently have infants in the NICU to increase confidence, parent readiness, bonding, adaptive coping, empowerment, and lessen stress and anxiety during a child’s NICU stay.

Parent mentor support is a special kind of therapeutic relationship. It is not professional counseling. Because Parent Mentor’s use their similar experiences to support a parent during their journey through NICU experience, offering understanding and encouragement. In this way, they offer companionship.

What is the Application Process?

To apply – simply fill out this form and email it to Riya Jacob ([email protected]). Once an application is submitted it is reviewed by mFICare staff to see if the parent mentor program is a good fit and that you meet the eligibility requirements. Those that do will have a phone interview so you can learn more about the program and we can learn more about you! Final decisions for acceptance into the Parent Mentor program are based on the current needs of the program. All applicants will receive notification of final decisions.

Applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis, however Parent Mentors are accepted to a specific cohort and will go through the training and onboarding process together. To be part of the next cohort of Parent Mentors, applications must be received by March 31st, 2020.

What is the training and orientation process?

All Parent Mentors must attend a training orientation session prior to being matched. The training session will cover basic program guidelines, safety issues (including mandatory reporting), confidentiality, communication and relationship building skills. It’s also a time to meet other Parent Mentors and mFICare staff!!!

The mandatory orientation and training session is tentatively scheduled for May, 2020

Parent Mentors participate in ongoing training and support meetings throughout the year.

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If you have questions, please email Riya Jacob ([email protected]).