RAP Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAP?

The UCSF Research Allocation Program coordinates the application, scientific review and award process for different UCSF departments and programs that want to fund research. RAP is a mechanism through which UCSF investigators and community organizations paired with UCSF investigators can apply for research grants from PTBi-CA.

I have an idea that could have a huge impact on the lives of birthing people of color and their families but I’m not sure if it’s related to preterm birth. What types of proposals are you interested in funding?

We are interested in funding only policy-focused research proposals that have a strong potential to reduce disparities in preterm birth and/or improve birth outcomes for babies born prematurely in BIPOC communities in Fresno, Oakland and San Francisco. PTBi-CA asserts that racism and key social determinants of health are key drivers of preterm birth in birthing persons of color, so we are committed to conducting and funding research that strongly relates to these factors and is prioritized by affected communities. See our policy-focused priorities here.

When can I apply?

Applications are accepted through the RAP website from August 30th – September 27th.  

I applied last year and wasn’t funded, can I submit the same application again?

Yes, you can revise and resubmit your application if it is responsive to our request for policy-focused research. Please see the RAP website for detailed instructions about resubmissions.

Does the research have to be in Oakland, Fresno or San Francisco?

No. While our research largely focuses on affected communities in Oakland, Fresno and San Francisco, policy-focused research questions that address structural and social determinants of birth equity or equitable access to healthcare interventions are eligible.