White House Finally Proclaims Black Maternal Health Week

On April 13th, 2021, President Biden signed a first-ever proclamation marking Black Maternal Health Week (April 11-17). It calls for all Americans to recognize the maternal health crisis and the importance of reducing our unacceptably high rates of Black maternal mortality and morbidity.

In the official proclamation released by the White House, President Biden called, "upon all Americans to raise awareness of the state of Black maternal health in the United States by understanding the consequences of systemic discrimination, recognizing the scope of this problem and the need for urgent solutions, amplifying the voices and experiences of Black women, families, and communities, and committing to building a world in which Black women do not have to fear for their safety, their wellbeing, their dignity, and their lives before, during, and after pregnancy."

The White House also announced initial actions they have taken to address the maternal health crisis in the United States and address race-based disparities in maternal care. This included how they will increase funding to an array of programs including implicit bias training for providers and Title X family planning programs as well as increasing funding for rural community obstetrics care. Read the full fact sheet here

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