We'll Miss You, Daphina!

Help us congratulate our much-loved Community Engagement Program Manager, Daphina Melbourne, as she takes on a new role as the new Perinatal Equity Initiatives Coordinator for Alameda County! Daphina started working with PTBi as a Community Advisory Board member, and then joined as a staff member. Over the last three years, Daphina has been a integral part of shaping and evolving the way in which PTBi’s work achieves true partnership with our communities. She has been responsible for managing PTBi’s Community Advisory Board and implementing our second cohort of Benioff Community Innovators in Oakland. As an incredible public speaker, she has also facilitated and led a number of PTBi Collaboratories, events and will always be a powerful Voice for Birth Justice. She is the essence of birth equity advocacy. While we will miss Daphina hugely, we are thrilled for her and pleased to know that we'll still be working in partnership with Daphina&nbsp in her new capacity with the County. We love you Daphina!