mFICare's Creative Solutions to Support NICU Parents During COVID Featured in Local TV News

"While social distancing has become the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic, for families in one of the Bay Area's premiere infant care units, it's become critical. The staff at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital is going to extraordinary lengths to keep parents and their infants connected, even when they all can't be together physically." - KGO Channel 7 News' 

On Tuesday, May 26th KGO channel 7 News featured parents, researchers and team members of PTBi's mFICare study to show how they are working together to continually support infants and parents in the NICU during the pandemic. Linda Franck, mFICare's Principal Investigator explained, "With the wonderful support of mFICare clinical team members, Natasha Lare and Robin Bisgaard...Chaplain Hagar and Music Therapist Brianna Negrete, we were able to showcase our study's creative ways to keep families connected in the NICU while providing peer support."

 A special thank you to the families who were willing to be recorded who were participants in mFICare before continuing on in the program!

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UCSF intensive care nursery improvises around COVID-19 challenges

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