Join us at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo 2020

This year we are excited to showcase our team's research at the American Public Health Association (APHA) Meeting and Expo, which will take place from October 24th through the 28th. With more than 12,000 people expected to attend, the event represents the largest annual gathering of public health professionals in the nation. As this year's theme is "Creating the Healthiest Nation: Preventing Violence", we are proud to be contributing 17 posters and presentations on this important topic.

On Wednesday, October 21st, from 1:00 - 2:30pm we will be hosting a special Collaboratory co-sponsored by APHA's Sexual and Reproductive Health section and the Society for the Analysis of African American Public Health Issues (SAAPHI). The event, Communities as the Compass: When Communities are the North Star Research Drives Meaningful Change will focus on centering community wisdom to evolve research initiative's missions, leadership teams and research strategies to focus on anti-racism and drive positive, sustainable change.

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Join us at our talks and posters!

Wednesday, October 21st 1:00-2:30pm PT | 2:00-3:30pm MT PTBi Collaboratory | Open to the Public
Authors: Joia Crear-Perry, Monica McLemore, Daphina Melbourne, Alexis Cobbins, Brianne Taylor, Brittany Chambers, Maile Chand, Shanell Williams, Solaire Spellen, Nayeli Bernal

Sunday, October 25th 1:00-3:00pm PT | 2:00-4:00pm MT  | Town Hall | Open to the Public 

Workshop: Theory to Action: California’s Perinatal Equity Initiative
Session: 239.0: MCH TownHall | MCH Section

Sunday, October 25th 3:00-6:00pm PT | 4:00-7:00pm MT | Workshop | Open to the Public 
Authors: Rebecca Shasanmi Ellis, Rachel Azanleko-Akouete, Alexis Cobbins, Charles Johnson, Vu-An Foster Miyhosi Benton, Camara Jones, Rachel Hardeman, Nastassia Davis, Jack DiMatteo
Session: Racism Pre-Conference Session
Sunday, October 25th 2:30-3:30pm PT | 3:30-4:30pm MT| Workshop

Poster: Rising rates of sexually transmitted infections during pregnancy and their contribution to preterm births by race/ethnicity in California: 2011-2017

Authors: Rebecca J. Baer, April Bell, Scott Oltman, Elizabeth Rogers, Karen Tabb, Monica McLemore, Safyer McKenzie-Sampson, Karen Scott, Larry Rand, Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski
Session: 2071.0: Perinatal and Women’s Health Poster Session | MCH Section

Sunday, October 25th 2:30-3:30pm PT | 3:30-4:30pm MT | Poster

Poster: Racial and ethnic inequities in preterm infant mortality and severe morbidity: A retrospective cohort study

Authors: Scott Oltman, Rebecca J. Baer, Jim Anderson, April Bell, Brittany Chambers, Linda Franck, Deborah Karasek, Kayla Karvonen, Matt Pantell, Kelli Ryckman, Martina Steurer, Karen Tabb, Larry Rand, Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, Elizabeth Rogers  
Session: 2069.0: Epidemiology & Data Poster Session | MCH Section

Sunday, October 25th 2:30-3:30pm PT | 3:30-4:30pm MT | Poster

Poster:  Association of community-level socioeconomic status with preterm infant mortality 

Authors: Martina Steurer, Rebecca Baer, James Anderson, Brittany Chambers, Jean Costello, Linda Franck, Jonathan Fuchs, Anu Manchikanti Gomez, Rita Hamad, Deborah Karasek, Kayla Karvonen, Scott Oltman, Larry Rand, Elizabeth Rogers, Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, Matthew Pantell
Session: 2069.0: Epidemiology & Data Poster Session | MCH Section 

Sunday, October 25th 4:00-5:00pm PT | 5:00-6:00pm MT | Poster

Poster: Pregnant people’s experiences discussing cannabis use with prenatal care providers: A qualitative study

Authors: Katie Woodruff, Karen A. Scott, and Sarah CM Roberts 
Session: 2085.0: Cannabis Research:  Attitudes, Behaviors and Beliefs | Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

Sunday, October 25th 4:00-5:00pm PT | 4:00-5:00pm MT | Poster

Poster: A Protocol for Implementing Group Prenatal Care in Under-Served Communities

Authors: Lauren N. Lessard, Gail Newel, Ellen Middleton, Miriam Kuppermann, Larry Rand, John A. Capitman, Christy Oberholtzer.
Session: 2102.0: Perinatal and Women’s Health Poster Session | MCH Section

Monday, October 26th 8:26-8:36am PT | 9:26-9:36am MT | Presentation

Presentation: “nothing for us without us”: The power of community researchers in advancing black maternal and child health

Authors: Brianne Taylor, Brandi Gates, Loretta Scruggs-Leach, Helen Arega, Silvia Arabia, Robyn Barron, Safyer McKenzie-Sampson, Karen A. Scott, Monica McLemore, Brittany Chambers
Session: 3055.0: Doulas, Birthworkers, and Sexual and Reproductive Health | Sexual and Reproductive Health 

Monday, October 26th 8:36-8:46am PT | 9:36-9:46am MT | Presentation

Presentation: Mama sharing sessions: Benioff community innovators lessons learned gathering the voices of mothers living on the margins in san francisco

Authors: Shanell Williams, Brianne Taylor, Sabra Bell, Karent Novelo, Randi Tanksley, Cecelia Shepard, Haydee Orellana, Ellonda Mccall, Sarah Wongking
Session: 3055.0: Doulas, Birthworkers, and Sexual and Reproductive Health | Sexual and Reproductive Health 

Monday, October 26th 9:30-10:30am PT | 10:30-11:30am MT  | Poster

Poster: Housing justice for pregnant people: The benioff community innovators spark change in san francisco housing policy and praxis

Authors: Shanell Williams, Brianne Taylor, Martha Ryan, Jennifer Friedenbach, Karen Cohn, Jessica Wolin, Brittni Chicuata, Deborah Borne, Quin Hussey, Jonathan Fuchs
Session: 3060.0: Chppd Poster Session 1 | Community Health Planning and Policy Development

Monday, October 26th 12:00-12:15pm PT | 1:00-1:15pm MT | Presentation

Presentation: Cross-sector strategies to advance birth equity: A tale of two counties

Authors: Jonathan Fuchs, Mara Decker, Melisa Price, Shira Rutman, Amber Shaver, John Capitman, Erica Martinez, Nicole Hutchings, Zea Malawa, Solaire Spellen, Jenna Gaarde, Lyn-Tise Jones, Admas Kanyagia, Shanell Williams, Linda Franck, Quin Hussey, Larry Rand
Session: 3203.0: Collaborative Efforts in Health Administration, Management, or Cross-Sector Policies That Improve Healthcare Delivery and Health Outcomes | Health Administration Section

Monday, October 26th 12:30-12:45pm PT | 1:30-1:45pm MT | Presentation

Presentation: Implementation of the Helping Babies Survive course: Experience in Bossaso, Somalia

Authors: Ribka Amsalu, Catherine N Morris, Michelle Hynes, Hussein Jama Had, Joseph Adive Seriki,, Binyam Gebru, Alexia Couture, Anna Myers, Sammy O. Barasa, Kate Meehan
Session: 3208.0: Global Health Challenges in Conflict and Displacement | International Health Section

Monday, October 26, 2020 12:30-12:45pm PT | 1:30-1:45 MT | Presentation

Title: Prioritizing mental wellness in a group prenatal care model

Authors: Christy Oberholtzer, Jennifer Felder, Lori L. James, Ellen Middleton, Gail Newel, Miriam Kuppermann, Larry Rand, John A. Capitman, Lauren N Lessard. 
Session: 3215.0: Providing Equitable, Quality, and Patient-Centered Perinatal Services to Women of Under-Represented Groups

Monday, October 26th 3:00-3:15pm PT | 4:00-4:15pm MT | Presentation

Presentation: Risk of preterm birth in women with preexisting hypertension: Patterns by race/ethnicity and by timing of entry into prenatal care

Authors: Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, Rebecca Baer, Scott Oltman, Bridgette Blebu, Jennet Arcara, Miriam Kuppermann, Larry Rand
Session: 3298.0: Improving Pregnancy Outcomes: Reducing Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes in High-Risk Populations | MCH Section

Monday, October 26th 10:18-10:30am PT | 11:18-11:30am MT | Presentation

Presentation: Contraceptive decision-making among women living with HIV in Ghana and Kenya

Authors: April Bell, Thomas Agyarko-Poku, Edwin Were, Kara Wools-Kaloustian, Cheryl Moyer
Session: 3143.0: Contraception: International Perspectives | SRH Section

Tuesday, October 27th 10:30-10:45am PT | 11:30-11:45am MT  | Presentation

Presentation: Partnering with black women to prioritize recommendations to address structural racism to improve pregnancy outcomes in California

Authors: Brittany Chambers, Talita Oseguera, Helen Arega, Silvia Arabia, Brianne Taylor, Robyn Barron, Brandi Gates, Loretta Scruggs-Leach, Safyer McKenzie-Sampson, Karen A. Scott, Monica McLemore
Session: 4138.0: Systems Issues in Addressing Perinatal Equity and Structural Racism in Pregnant Women | MCH Section

Tuesday, October 27th 9:45-10:00am PT | 10:45-11:00am MT | Presentation

Authors: Zea Malawa, Solaire Spellen, Bina Patel Shrimali, Alexis Cobbins, Sabra Bell, BreOnna Powell, Maile Chand, Anjeanette Coats, Monica de la Cruz, Ekland Abdiwahab, Anu Manchikanti Gomez, Deborah Karasek
Session: 4138.0: Systems Issues in Addressing Perinatal Equity and Structural Racism in Pregnant Women | MCH Section

Tuesday, October 27th 2:30-2:45pm PT | 3:30-3:45pm MT | Presentation

Presentation: Redesigning the ivory tower to address preterm birth through community-academic partnerships

Authors: Shira Rutman, Melisa Price, Shanell Williams, Jonathan Fuchs, Claire Brindis, Larry Rand
Session: 4280.0: Enhancing Infant Health through Community-Based Initiatives | Community Health Planning and Policy Development

Tuesday, October 27th 5:00-5:15pm PT | 6:00-6:15pm MT | Presentation

Presentation: A multidisciplinary, cost-effective public health model for COVID-19 prevention and outbreak response in residential care facilities for the elderly

Authors: Lisa Golden, Harsimran Bajwa, Cristy Dieterich, Teri Dowling, Sammi Truong, Julie Wong, Anna Chodos, April Bell
Session: 4345.1: COVID-19 Response Pt 2: Lessons Learned from States & Vulnerable Communities | Health Administration