The Intersection of Race Inequity and Redlining

Photo Credit: USC Digital Library "This tract is exclusive and restricted," circa Sept. 28, 1950, Los Angeles

The intersection of Race Inequity and Redlining was an OBGYN Grand Rounds presentation that took place on June 9, 2020 by LaWanda Welsey. 

"Zoning people in a particular community, making no investments in those communities, not creating jobs in that community - we all know if you own property, property is your wealth. A lot of folks who are White and privileged right now might think they just really worked hard, and that might be true. But the other truth is that things were inherited. When Black folks were denied the ability to inherit wealth, it systematically puts us where we are today and I don't say that lightly." - LaWanda Wesley 

Length of presentation: 1 hour

What is covered

  • Defining redlining and understand how it operates
  • Looking at the relationship between redlining and health disparities in the context of maternal health
  • Strengthen awareness of redlining from a trauma-informed lens with opportunities for radical healing approaches 


LaWanda Wesley, Ed.D.

About the Presenter
LaWanda Wesley, Ed.D.
Twitter: @DrLaWandaWesley
Co-Founder & Co-Director of the Center for Equity in Early Childhood Education
Director of Quality Enhancement & Professional Development of Early Education for the Oakland Unified School District

"My story is that I was born to a mom who came from a generation of receiving public assistance and I was in and out of foster care, grew up in Oakland, CA. Everything I should be today was counted against me. I became a single mother of five children and found myself receiving public assistance, myself, and just trying to grapple through that. Now I have five amazing adult children and four grandbabies, two born last week, and I just celebrated my 50th birthday. I'm happy to be in community with you today."