Governor Gavin Newsom Signs the California “Momnibus” Act

Pictured: Governor Gavin Newsom and bill sponsors signing the "Momnibus Act" on October 4, 2022. Source.

Text that reads "Breaking news -the California momnibus act has been signed into law. On october 4, the groundbreaking S.B. 65 was signed by Gov. Newsom

Pictured: Black Women for Wellness, a tremendous force for legislative and policy advocacy around maternal and infant health.

text that reads "the momnibus includes medi-cal coverage for doulas, an extension of medi-cal postpartum coverage, easier access to public assistance for pregnant people and a guaranteed minimum income pilot for families with low incomes. Change is possible. Policy matters"

Pictured: PTBi staff alongside Black Women for Wellness and other advocates in Sacramento to testify for SB 464 - California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act, authored by Senator Mitchell and Assembly Member Weber in 2019. Learn more

On October 4, California state Governor Gavin Newsom signed S.B. 65 into law. S.B. 65 also known as California “Momnibus” Act includes Medi-Cal coverage for doulas, an extension of Medi-Cal postpartum coverage up to 12 months, easier access to public assistance programs for pregnant people, and a guaranteed minimum income pilot for families with low incomes. Touted as a significant win for Black and Indigenous families across the state, S.B. 65 specifically addresses racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.  

Unfortunately, giving birth is getting more, not less, dangerous for Black people in California. The latest data from the California Public Health Department shows that Black pregnant people are now four to six times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than other racial/ethnic groups in the state. By providing families with access to resources, advocacy and direct services, policy that attends to racial disparities in health outcomes like S.B. 65 can turn the tide.