FREE 2021 Voices for Birth Justice Calendar

In many ways, 2021 represents the opportunity to turn a new chapter on a very challenging year.  To honor the resilience of so many communities who have come together to provide resources, support, and hope to each other, our public awareness campaign, Voices for Birth Justice, would like to take a moment to give back. 

Voices is proud to offer a FREE 2021 Voices for Birth Justice Calendar featuring 12 powerful voices who are fighting for birth justice in their California communities of color.

The goal is to spread these advocates' message of strength and care to let people know they are not alone, to connect people to resources and to inspire change. Please help us distribute this gift!

Get your free calendars today!

Help distribute calendars

Below are some ideas of where you could share this free gift

  • Friends and family
  • Local community clinics
  • Community-based organizations 
  • Clients, patients, and colleagues
  • Group prenatal programs
  • Midwives, doulas, and lactation consultants

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