Doula Hotline is Launching for Black Birthing People

The following article is an excerpt from the Frontline Doula press release.

Frontline Doulas and Black Women Birthing Justice announce Launch of Frontline Doula Hotline COVID-19 Initiative: Bridging the Healthcare Gap Between Black/African American Birthing People and Black/African American Doulas During COVID-19. 

This initiative will offer no-cost doula support to Black families in California through the following programs:

Black Doula Awards

Beginning July 15th: Our program will sponsor COVID-19 Black Doula Awards to 50 Black doulas serving clients with due dates Aug.1 - Nov. 15th, 2020. To provide a range of doula care to birthing people throughout California, we are focused on supporting doulas who will serve within five regions that exhibit high disparity among Black birthing people: Alameda County, Los Angeles County, the Inland Empire: San Bernardino/Riverside County, Contra Costa County and Sacramento County. Doulas, from each region, will be recruited to provide hotline services in these areas. 

Frontline Doula Hotline

Launching August 21st: In this new social era, our modern take on the "hotline" is a respectful "warm line" that adapts to the availabilities and needs of working doulas and families. The hotline will allow 200 Black pregnant and postpartum individuals in California to connect with a community doula through an online intake form. Following their assessment, a doula will be appropriately matched to provide non-emergency emotional support during the pandemic, via phone call or text.

40-Day Postpartum NOURISH! Meals

Beginning August 2020: In partnership with M2M Postpartum Justice Project, we will be providing 480 hot meals, for 6-weeks to Black birthing individuals in Alameda County. From August 2020, these families will receive 40-Days’ worth of Postpartum NOURISH! Meals while receiving support from our doulas. 40 days is a traditional cultural postpartum period of recovery.

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