COVID-19 Guidelines for Providers and Pregnant People

Our partners at the San Francisco Department of Public Health have put together important evidence-based guidance for both providers and pregnant people to considering during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines also reference PTBi's Voices for Birth Justice's COVID Resource Page. Learn more about the guidelines at

For Pregnant People or Caring for Others Who Are Pregnant

The guidance gives patients and their support people suggestions around:

  • Staying home as much as possible and minimizing exposure to COVID-19
  • Calling a provider for symptoms of cold or flu
  • Talking to providers about prenatal schedules
  • Adjusting birth plans
  • Reaching out for support for relationship or parenting stress
  • Considerations for a Homebirth 

See the Guidelines

For Providers

The guidance gives providers suggestions around:

  • Screening for COVID-19
  • Supporting COVID-19 prevention efforts
  • Best practices for managing a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection
  • Considering alternative prenatal care schedules
  • Supporting patient’s right to select their delivery setting

See the guidelines