COVID’s Devastation of Black Communities: New Resolution Introduced to Intentionally Address the Black Experience

PTBi is proud to share that Shanell Williams, PTBi’s Community Engagement Director, successfully introduced a resolution to the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (SF DCCC), the city’s governing body of the local Democratic Party, where she sits as an elected official for Assembly District 17. The resolution calls for the city to focus efforts and funding on addressing the disproportional impact of COVID on SF’s Black communities. The resolution comes on the heels of reports from The Center for Disease Control which shows that Black communities were over-represented in hospitalizations due to COVID. 

The new resolution acknowledges the longstanding, widespread racism and discrimination against Black communities which has resulted in chronic physical and psychological stress, lack of access to health care, and housing, along with many other stressors. These social determinants of health have made the Black community in San Francisco more susceptible to COVID-19, which the resolution states should be intentionally addressed. 

The resolution implores San Francisco government to:

  • Create a system to track and monitor the experience of care and outcomes of Black patients impacted by COVID-19
  • Work in collaboration with departments across the City to mitigate the disproportionate impact of enforcement of the masking order on Black and other communities of color
  • Seek federal resources to conduct direct outreach to the Black community that includes - 
    • Social and economic supports
    • Testing
    • Protective measures for incarcerated people
    • Access to PPE
    • Additional interventions to reduce the spread and compounded health impacts of COVID-19

Learn more about the resolution

DCCC resolution to address COVID impact on SF Black communities