Benioff Community Innovators Program Report

This year, 10 women from San Francisco were trained in and conducted qualitative research in order to make their own recommendations to improve insecure housing for pregnant women, and prevent preterm birth! The Benioff Community Innovators went from learning to sharing at scientific conferences (including the prestigious 11th Annual UCSF Health Disparities Research Symposium, and the PTBi Annual Symposium). 

The innovators were paired with San Francisco State University master of public health students and the results were an incredible example of research justice. No one can share this journey more authentically and wholly than the innovators themselves. Watch this quick video to hear all about it from their perspective:



Research in Action

Read the full report produced by the San Francisco State University Health Equity Institute, San Francisco State University master of public health students and the Benioff Community Innovators, summarizing the research and making recommendations for improving housing security for pregnant women in San Francisco. Read the report, and download the infographic.