Ask JAMA to Stop Perpetuating Racism in Medicine

Update as of 12:00 PM March 12, 2021: Edward H. Livingston, MD, has resigned as deputy editor of the journal of the American Medical Association after he and the journal faced significant backlash over a February podcast that questioned the existence of structural racism. This took place following a petition circulated by Dr. Brittany James, co-founder of the Institute for Antiracism in Medicine. Dr. James is still collecting signatures for the petition. See more information below.

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Dear Community,

Recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), one of the largest and most respected medical journals, came under fire for releasing and promoting a podcast stating that no physician is racist. The 16-minute podcast, which was withdrawn, was hosted by an all-white panel and debated the existence of structural racism in healthcare.

In reaction to this blatant ignorance, the University of California and PTBi-CA researchers have decided to not submit a critical paper to the journal. These efforts were inspired and led by Dr. Monica McLemore and Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski. A petition is also now circulating to address the deep harm and grave injustice of JAMA’s negligence.

Sign the petition. 

In solidarity with these researchers, we've issued a statement of firm support for these actions along with a brief video to encourage more people to join us in signing the petition demanding that JAMA stop perpetuating racism in medicine. 

Screenshot of the original tweet

Screenshot of the tweet with the video


The petition specifically calls on JAMA to do the following: 

  1. Formal review of the leadership displayed by Dr. Howard Bauchner as editor-in-chief, including actions suggesting a failure to diversify the editorial staff and/or displaying blatantly discriminatory behavior patterns.
  2.  Restructure the editorial staff as follows: 
    • Hire a Deputy Editor with a dedicated focus on antiracism and health equity.  
    • Establish a transparent evaluation of the current editorial processes to ensure a balanced, fair and equitable approach to all content and in particular, that relating to race and racism. 
  3. Schedule a series of town hall conversations with Black, Indigenous and People of Color patients, health care staff and allies to ensure restorative justice, as representative of JAMA’s re-commitment to centering antiracism in its mission.

Please join us and the more than 2,000 people who have signed the petition to hold JAMA accountable. 

In Solidarity,
California Preterm Birth Initiative

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Buzzfeed's article, A Top Medical Journal Said “No Physician Is Racist.” Now Scientists Are Boycotting. April 1, 2021