COVID-19, Birth Outcomes, and Vaccinations: A Public Dialogue Led by Community Voices



New research on COVID-19's impact on birth outcomes is emerging. The latest findings indicate that COVID-19 infection is related to an increased risk for preterm birth, and that those infected have a higher risk of hospitalization and death from the virus than do non-pregnant people.
Although we are starting to have a clearer picture of COVID-19 and birth outcomes, pregnant people’s opinions about COVID-19, its impact on birth outcomes, and vaccination vary widely. For our September Collaboratory, we are forging a space for authentic dialogue. By crowdsourcing perspectives about the virus and the vaccine from a diverse group of Black and Brown pregnant and postpartum people, we hope to start this discussion by focusing on the community voices at the heart of this issue. 

What to expect: Prior to the Collaboratory, a community focus group was held to collect questions and concerns. After showing segments of that discussion, our panel of clinicians, public health professionals and community leaders will address the questions, comments, and concerns that were raised. Participants from the focus group will also be present at the event.

Due to time constraints, a longer recording of the focus group will be shared after the Collaboratory, as well as the complete list of questions that were generated with answers from the panelists. We ask that these conversations and discussions center respect and equity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand different perspectives that diverse groups of pregnant women and birthing people have about COVID-19, birth outcomes and vaccinations.
  • Identify questions our community has about COVID-19, birth outcomes, and vaccination.
  •  Hear from a diverse panel of providers, public health professionals, and community leaders as they relate to the experiences and questions shared by the community discussion group with respect to COVID-19, birth outcomes, and vaccinations.

We invite everyone, especially pregnant and postpartum people, to share any questions they have about this topic and join us at our September Collaboratory!
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