A New Standard of Care: Prioritizing Healthy Births for Black, Latine, and Pacific Island Communities



In Oakland, Black, Latine, and Pacific Islander women and birthing people disproportionately experience preterm births, barriers to health care, and little to no access to birth work care.

Join us, the Oakland Benioff Community Innovators, a group of mothers, birth workers, advocates, organizers, and researchers rooted in Oakland, on June 23, 2022. You can attend at either 12:00 pm or 6:00 pm PST. Learn about the impact of preterm birth and hear our call to action for birth justice in Oakland.

During this town hall, we will share our community-based research findings, policy recommendations, and listen to your feedback with the goal of affecting healthy birth outcomes in Oakland.

Learning Objectives

  • State how systemic racism is a root cause in preterm birth
  • Define the importance of birth worker and non-clinical mental health care
  • Identify available BIPOC perinatal resources


Alejandra Garcia

Alejandra is a mother and doula. She is from Columbia and has lived in the Bay Area since 2005 working with underserved BIPOC women and pregnant people and providing doula services. She is a community researcher and birthwork activist. She enjoys spending time with her family and beloved pets. To learn about Alejandra’s work, please visit www.lasdoulas.org.

Brandy Thomas

Brandy is an entrepreneur born and raised in Oakland, CA. She engages in reproductive and health justice with a focus on BIPOC women by serving as a mentor in her community. She is a proud parent of a daughter majoring in Sociology and Public Policy. In her spare time, Brandy lovingly takes care of a cat colony in Hayward.

Bre’Jaynae "Bre" Joiner

Bre is a Black mother born and raised in Oakland California, who is passionate about being a qualitative community-based researcher. She shares, “CBPR means so much more to me with each story I listen to, I am able to connect, relate, understand and feel.” Bre is a Queen Mother, Black Breastie Milk Maker, Community Outreach Coordinator, California Breastfeeding Coalition Change Maker, Published Sage Journal Author, and Breastfeeding Educator.

Chay Tadeo

Chay is a reproductive justice advocate and community organizer born and raised in Oakland/Ohlone land. She is a new birthworker and doula focusing on postpartum, abortion, miscarriage, and post-gender affirming surgery support.

Kellye Craig Robertson

Kellye, a third-generation Oakland native, has worked in the field of Public Health for over 30 years. This enabled her to inspire, educate and empower hundreds in her community. Reducing preterm birth, health disparities, and improving birth outcomes is her desire. Her hopes are that social justice prevails and equitable healthcare is available to all.

Sharayah Alexander

Sharayah is a wife and mother of two. As an Oakland-born entrepreneur and Bay Area community activist, she is committed to raising awareness and dismantling unjust systems that continue to adversely impact Black communities. To learn about Sharayah’s work, please visit www.linktr.ee/RayahSunshine.

Sonia Lizama

Sonia is a Full Spectrum Doula and student midwife providing doula services in the East Bay. Sonia believes everyone deserves to have informed quality care during the perinatal periods.  In her free time, Sonia enjoys traveling, journaling, and spending time with her family. To learn more about Sonia’s work, please visit www.doulzurabirth.com.